Steve and Alyssa knew of each other only barely during their first 3 years at GVSU. One time, Alyssa told Steve that he should take the girl he was currently with (not Alyssa) for a long walk on the beach. Little did he know that she was just giving him advice for their own relationship.

Steve at one point gallantly proclaimed to Alyssa's ex boyfriend (while they were still together) that he would protect her while she was away from him for a week. Alyssa received Steve's chivalry, but kept her distance, because he was one of those know-it-all, uppity, arrogant honors students.

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The same week that both of these events took place, Steve met Derek Bridges, who quickly became one of his best friends. Unbeknownst to our future Mr. and Mrs. Hintz, Derek happened to be one of Alyssa's best friends as well. And it was through this champion of a common denominator our couple's lives crossed paths and never looked back.

Derek became Steve's roommate the next year at GVSU, and Steve and Alyssa after both having gone through break-ups at around the same time suddenly had a lot more free time. Naturally they both went to Derek. Soon impromptu trips to the beach, Monday night How I Met Your Mother watch parties, and late-night Meijer runs became a regular part of both Alyssa and Steve's lives.

Mix those with deep and shallow conversations ranging from the depth of God's love and the need for people to hear about it, to the silliness of writing fake Valentines for friends, it didn't take long for our couple to begin to notice the other. Journal entries were written by both members of our couple in November, and by February, Derek began hearing from Alyssa and Steve separately that they were interested in each other. Yet he didn't speak a word to the other!

Finally, by the end of March, Steve asked Alyssa to go on a date with him. She joyfully obliged. The following Saturday, the couple went out to dinner at Red Robin. The hamburgers were delicious and the conversation resulted in the inception of Steve and Alyssa's official dating relationship. The rest as they say is history...

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